I Never Asked


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recorded & mixed by : ellis hobby :)
all songs by : gravel


released July 13, 2016


tags: punk Salem


all rights reserved


GRAVEL Salem, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Chrissy Cried Wolf
well what goes up must come down
when will I feel safe and sound?
suppose I found solid ground
maybe one day I'll come around
I make excuses but I never lie
hide my list of alibis
rehearse lines
one track mind

well I wish the world made me sick
but I found I was just born with it
one long stagnant phase
with a theme of vanity and pain
but it's true I come from the land of fake
what can I say? WHAT CAN I SAY
now we're here to play
much to your dismay

Sometimes I feel like I could die
And everything would be just fine
No time for the long goodbyes
Life leaves me sick and unsatisfied
And sometimes I count the things I lack
To give myself a heart attack
I've lost something, I want it back
Why can I write my own track?

Hide and seek
Can't find me
Hide and seek
Beauty queen
Track Name: To What Do I Owe
I met a boy with dirty feet
I thought he'd think the same as me
But when he sees a man in the street
All he sees is dust and meat
When I see a man in the street I offer him a cigarette
He might not be very neat but you know that he'll appreciate it
What would it cost you?
to put yourself inside of another person's shoes and
What would it cost me?
trying to make you see....

To what do what do I owe?
this awkward silence
To what do what do I owe?
your passive violence
To what do what do I owe?
you going off again
The only thing you know is the places you've been

Why would you?
How could you?
What do you even do?

So to the guy I never met
He doesn't have the right to get
To reduce you down to cloth and sweat
From his place he isn't better
What would it cost him?
to take a step back and see that life is grim and
What would it cost you?
Just another day to get through.

To what do what do I owe?
this small endeavor
To what do what do I owe?
you feeling clever
To what do what do I owe?
your tall arrogance
the only thing you know is ambivalence

Where do you
get these views?
Come on, dude.
And get a CLUE.
Track Name: That She Is Me
She wants a lot but won't commit
only goes out when she looks like shit
ask her twice she'll throw a fit
tear you up bit by bit
Moody just like a cat
complains about being thin then fat
goes to parties just to be a brat
"like, whatever. FUCK THAT"

That she
That she is
That she is me

And sometimes she'll get real chatty
when her nose is full of addies
got a blunt? she'll roll a fatty
doesn't blame the girls for being catty
She's full of hate when her stomach growls
and in the morning she's quite foul
if there's a moon you know she'll howl
but watch your back 'cause she's on the prowl

That she
That she is
That she is me

She only loves you when you're sick
she doesn't kiss but slobbers and licks
she's got a dozen jaw cracking ticks
she'll call you out if you're being a prick
She's only fun when she's too drunk
her mood is in an eternal funk
she's a myth with no debunk
but you know she's your FAVORITE PUNK!

That she
That she is
That she is me
That she
That she is
That she is me
Being unconscious means

I was only sleeping just like the boys do
passed out after a couple of brews
I was awoken, much to my dismay
some stupid fuck was trying to 'have his way'
"What are you doing? How dare you offend. Aren't you supposed to be my friend?"
"You made it too easy with your eyes shut. Because isn't every girl just my slut?"

When I told someone they just rolled their eyes
"Didn't you know that when you slept next to a guy?"
WHAT THE FUCK does that mean?
It doesn't make any sense
Because if I'm asleep, then how the fuck can I consent?
But it's not just me, it happens all the time
And often dismissed as not a real crime
They are told to look at me like I am an object
Not a living breathing person to respect

They try to press this sick mentality
the messed idea: 'you know how the boys can be'
It's a toxic lie that we are fed from so young
That girls just exist for some boy's fun
There's no excuse; there's no escape
I'm not mistaken it's just fucking rape
So just quit this excuse game
It's our sick culture that is to blame

sleep isn't consent
it's not something I dreamt
this violence can't be condoned
my body is mine to own

Track Name: Straight To Hell
Burning bridges you used to get by
thinking you'll find something better in the ashes.
Hearing my voice, but not listening to my reply
feeling better by calling me trash and
you've got to learn to love yourself
you've got to learn to love life
if not you'll send yourself to hell
i'll see you there in no time

You just used up my time.
So I'll pretend that I'm fine.
I'm just using these lines
To get this off of my mind.

I never asked for your help
I never needed the gift
I can do it all by myself
I don't need you to lift
a single fucking stupid limb
I know who you are I don't care where you've been
I know you'll send yourself to hell
I guess it's just as well.

You just used up my time.
I will not pretend that I am fine.
I'm just using these lines.
To get this off my mind.

You're not what I wanted.
You're not what I need.
I'm just getting started.
Forget about me.

You just used up my time.
I will not pretend that I am fine.
I'm just using these lines.
I may as well get this off my mind.

My mind.
My mind.
Track Name: Fine
i'm watching someone on the train eat their own skin
how far removed are we from the man who eats women
it's a sick sadistic world we live in
our normalcy is murdering
depending on the color of your skin, pigment makes you a terrorist
if you're white they'll brush you off as a mental case
and even if that's true? they will do nothing to help you
They wanna take away your rights
I guess these are the ends of time
I never wanted to fall in line
I was just trying not to fall apart
Why do I never feel quite fine?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.